The Mythology Of The Odyssey Essay

The Mythology Of The Odyssey Essay

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In the Odyssey there is a distinct relationship that is shared between the mortals and the Gods. In the link with Christian faith, the Gods in the Odyssey are physically present. The Gods help, lend assistance, support and mentor the mortals. They can be ‘compared to that of a guardian angel’ (FORP). In comparison, the gods have their favourites which my result in the negativity towards a mortal from a particular God. As so the mortals are at the mercy of Gods. Majority of the time the mortals benefit greatly from the Gods and can be seen to transform for the better.

When you think of God, you jump straight to the immortal God of the Christianity faith where they are not physically present; they are omnipresent (ReligionFacts, 2004). In relationship the Gods from the Odyssey are physically present. The Gods are highly respected just like the Christian faith; however you do see that the mortals do have gods that they do not respect. For example Odysseus is Athena favourite, yet he is despised by Poseidon. Homer portrays the gods as someone mortal. This allows the men and women within the odyssey to connect with the gods. For example when Athena appears as a mentor to Telemachus, she is encourages him to push on in the journey. However as she speaks, she suddenly forgets her disguise. From saying ‘a god who wills it can bring anyone safely home however far away he may be’ to then saying ‘and for myself I would…’ (Homer, Odyssey 3.33). This shows the switch to personal language and shows how even though she is disguised her connection with Telemachus is so strong that she forgets sometimes (Gaunt). The Gods can also be compared to the humans. They have many characteristics, such as physical appearance; however one aspect that diffe...

... middle of paper ... being lazy, leaving clothes all on the floor being neglected, to next day, getting up and heading out to do the washing, and change her attitude. This was planted by Athena in Nausicaa’s dream. Generally the Gods change the mortals for the better, without the men and women of the Odyssey knowing.

The Gods in the Odyssey are somewhat similar to the men and women, and the inevitably have significant relationships between the two. Being physically present is one thing that allows the mortals to connect and form relationships between them. The Gods help, support, advise the mortals, such as when Athena helps out Telemachus on his journey to find his father. The Gods furthermore help change and influence the mortals for the better, such as Athena and Telemachus and Athena and Nausicaa. The Gods and mortals have relationship’s that are shown throughout the Odyssey.

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