Essay on Mythological Hero Of Pi By Yann Martel

Essay on Mythological Hero Of Pi By Yann Martel

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Mythological Hero’s Journey in Life of Pi
By: Aanshi Gandhi
The novel, Life of Pi written by Yann Martel explores a wonderful story of a young boy into his becoming of a hero. A hero is not credible by only completing the famous Hero’s Journey but by acquiring knowledge from the journey and understanding the necessity of why completing the brutal and tough expedition is important as well. As the novel progresses, readers start identifying Pi as a hero as he completes the entire journey alongside valuing the experience and obtaining worthwhile skills from the mission. Through this completion of the Hero’s Journey Pi demonstrates a hero does not need a cape, supernatural powers or even physical strength, rather perseverance and faith can create an equally powerful hero.
To begin, the Hero’s journey which was identified by Joseph Campbell is a pattern of narrative which describes the common adventure of The Hero (Writers Journey). Through the completion of the steps in the journey, the protagonist of the story successfully becomes a hero. The main character in Life of Pi, Pi demonstrates this journey with his background being introduced as sad and gloomy with an academic background in religious studies and zoology. He is also shown as a believer of three ‘polar’ religions, Hinduism, Christianity and later Islam simultaneously. The second stage, the call to action occurs when Pi’s father makes a dramatic decision to emigrate out of India and into Canada. This subtly introduces how Pi’s life was going to begin to experience turmoil and learn how to overcome grim obstacles. Every hero has a moment of refusal where they momentarily decline the journey out of fear of the unknown. Pi demonstrates this as well with his hesitation of leav...

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...tay on the island. This shows how one must make the tough decision to continue moving along their journey in order to successfully complete it. The resurrection shows his ability to know when to let things go. This is the best example showing this lesson because it would be human nature to prefer staying on the island, especially after a long and tiring experience. However, Pi accurately identified his priorities being reaching a safe location with civilization and resources for both him and Richard Parker.
In conclusion, towards the end of the novel Pi’s character grows from innocence into a powerful hero who survived numerous days on the merciless Pacific Ocean with a tiger. Pi evidently shows readers his successful completion of all the stages in the Hero’s Journey, the importance of everyone completing the journey and the lessons to acquire from the journey.

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