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My Sister Is Sick Child Essay

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My Sister Is Sick
When a child is sick, it takes a toll on not only that child individually but also the immediate and extended family, and the community who have a connection to the child. Studies show that 59% of children with a sick sibling present external symptoms of disruption and instability following a major diagnosis because those siblings feel neglected due to so much time and energy going into the sick child (Fleary & Heffer, 2013). Depression, bad behaviour and resentment are common symptoms that develop in siblings, leading to acting up for attention or not doing well at school (Fleming, 2014) (APA, 2016). Older siblings tend to be more distressed as they’re able to understand the condition, and are likely to gain more domestic and caregiving responsibilities, which may deprive them of their usual social engagements. Younger siblings are more naive as they are not capable of understanding the situation in full, and are able to adapt to the changes around them. (Vermaes, 2012)

Parenting is also affected because parents put majority of time into their sick child who requires attention, and begin to place other siblings second. Downfalls and achievements of other siblings tend to be overlooked and deemed as not so important. Modifications are made to all aspects of life, including jobs, marriage & living arrangements, in order to provide care for the sick child, whilst other siblings try to keep up with the changes. The stress and strains that this puts on parents are extreme, leaving little time to nurture themselves and their marriage (APA, 2016).

In NZ there are at least 100 organisations and associations set up to support children and families in their time trauma and grief. These may be specific to a c...

... middle of paper ...

...s are that he and his siblings started school at age 5, which is determined by the environment and NZ laws.

History graded influences can again have environmental or biological determinates and occur in a specific time, experienced by a large group of people (Hoffnung, 2016). The history-graded influence on Logan was his attendance at Sibling camp. All the children at sibling camp have experienced similar events and are now part of a cohort creating similarities in their short-term development.

Non-normative influences are unusual occurrences would not be relatable to your peers and often have a major impact on an individual’s life (Hoffnung, 2016). In Logan’s case, the non-normative influence is his sister getting diagnosed with Leukaemia at 5. This isn’t normal and is extremely unfortunate for Logan to experience this, which will greatly effect his development.

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