Essay on My Memories Of The Television Show

Essay on My Memories Of The Television Show

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I believe there is nothing better than recalling things from your past and reminiscing on how those things or certain events affected your life until now. Every single day when I was in elementary school, I would get home around five thirty in the evening and rush to put my purple backpack down and rip my jacket off, so I could get to the television before my little brother. I anxiously sat in the kitchen while my mother started preparing dinner, and I waited for the clock to hit six. Six o’clock was primetime for my little eight year old self because it was when That’s so Raven came on, and it was the show of my childhood meaning that it was what I spent a lot of my time watching. The television show was about an African-American teenaged girl from San Francisco California, and she had the ability to see glimpses of the future. Raven, the main character, was no ordinary teenager because of her power, but she was still someone many girls like myself could relate to. Since I spent a lot of my childhood watching the television show That’s so Raven on Disney Channel, I believe that it has shaped certain values in my life by putting a focus on valuing friendships, and learning to be the bigger person; which are values I still go by today.
Raven Baxter, the main character of the hit television show, was just your average American girl in high school other than her interesting supernatural power, she was a character girls could relate to and learn from. Some of the issues that I could relate to often dealt with her relationship with her family especially her little brother, her friendships, and drama in school. Raven always had to deal with some type of drama in every episode, which is what is suppose to happen in a television show ...

... middle of paper ...

...he could have easily gotten mad at Eddie and not forgiven him for what he said out of frustration.
A television show that I watched as an elementary school student influenced me in high school and continues to influence me today. That’s so Raven was known for always targeting important issues in society during the time it was on the air. It was a show that reached millions and inspired many to be the best person they can be. I know it influenced me in more ways beyond the meaning of friendship and learning to let it go. All of those hours I spent watching it growing up were worth it because it taught me to value friendships and continues to teach me to let things go. I believe that everything from the past still has an impact on us today; it doesn’t matter what whether it’s a toy or favorite song. Everything has a meaning and teaches us important things about life.

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