Essay on My Initial Intrigue With Poetry

Essay on My Initial Intrigue With Poetry

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My initial intrigue with poetry began due its musical nature. I value the coupling of figurative language and ambiguity to communicate emotions and personal experiences in a distinct, original way. In the past, I have written poems and lyrics as a means of sorting my thoughts and dealing with overwhelming emotions. Entering the course, I knew my struggles would not lie as much in writing poetry, but rather, through deciphering the meanings and messages behind others’ poems. Throughout high school, I questioned my ability to annotate poems and write about them in an academic format. In my self-assessment, I identified my greatest writing weakness as “my inability to be concise” because "I think of numerous ways to express [an idea or thought] and have trouble narrowing it down to a single one” (citation). Throughout the semester, I have become an efficient editor, revising my papers several times before turning them in. My writing, prior to taking this course, was extremely repetitive. Now, I know how to develop my claims and expand on them in order to increase the validity and strength of my arguments. Also, I have become confident in my ability to make poetic observations and support my interpretations of other’s work. Familiarizing myself with the Glossary of Poetic Elements handed out at the start of the semester gave me confidence in my use of different terms (citation). I stopped questioning whether what I was saying was correct or not, and embraced the idea that each person interprets poems differently; what is most important is that you back your claims with evidence from the text.
Looking over my writing preps from the semester, I am able to see progress in my ability to analyze both prose and poetry. In writing prep #1, ...

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...3, I notice a difference in the way I incorporate quotations and information from outside sources. Whether I am arguing for or against a source, I know how to engage with it in a way that benefits my chosen standpoint. Now, I am confident that I can successfully construct an academic argument, no matter how many sources I am asked to incorporate or draw from. I am no longer intimidated by assignments that ask me to investigate another’s ideas or beliefs, and make my own arguments based upon their ideas. One of the greatest things I learned in WR 100 was the importance of acknowledgment and response. Ultimately, I am ending “The Art of the Lyric” with a fresh perspective on poetry, the ability to clear and concise in argumentative structures, and the confidence I needed in order to take risks in my writing and stop questioning my ability to interpret others’ work.

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My Initial Intrigue With Poetry Essay

- My initial intrigue with poetry began because of its musical nature. I value the coupling of figurative language and ambiguity to communicate emotions and experiences in a distinct, original way. In the past, I have written poems and lyrics in order to sort my thoughts and deal with overwhelming emotions. Entering the course, I knew my struggles would not lie as much in writing poetry, but rather, in deciphering the meanings and messages behind others’ poems and essays on the subject. Throughout high school, I doubted my ability to annotate poems and write about them in an academic format....   [tags: Poetry, Paper, Writing, Writing process]

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