My High School Philosophy Class Essay

My High School Philosophy Class Essay

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In my high school Philosophy class, the teacher recounted a story of a doctor who visited a remote village in Africa in order to provide medical services to those in need, and happened to witness a story of certain value. Here is a brief summary, as I remember it.
In the village, the doctor found a wealthy young man, who was about to make a proposal to a poor, ugly and daunted woman. Now, it was a ritual for grooms to offer cows to his future brides’ parents in the village and the number of cows depended on the desirability of the bride. The numberMost received two. The new groom offered 9 cows – to the poorest, most disregarded and unwanted woman of the town. The town found her ugly, daunted and subdued. The doctor left the village and returned a few years later. He was invited to the young man’s dinner to find that daunted and ugly bride had turned into an elegant, educated spouse who spoke multiple languages. The transformation was such that the doctor thought at first it was a different woman. Then he thought the groom forced her to learn manners and get an education. But the young man’s reply left the doctor flabbergasted. “No I did not force her to do anything. I just treated her like she was important. The reason I offered nine cows is because I wanted to tell her that she is of such great value. If I offered one, as what any other men would have offered to her, she would have suppressed herself, always daunted. If I gave her three, she would have compared herself to other brides who received three and still be daunted thinking she did not deserve three cows. Yet because she received nine cows, she thought she held the value of nine cows and shed her former self to find her rightful place.”

The moral of the story, the ...

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...ams. During the colonial era Japanese also picked smart students and gave them power and money. Academic Excellence and Success have been tightly intertwined in Korean culture, and such cultural background prompt many Koreans to work hard in schools. Furthermore, another factor that helped me was that I graduated a school from France. Unlike in Korea where applying to American university is extremely competitive, it is not as competitive in France. Again, I was fortunate to have parents who could afford Dartmouth and my high school fee. Thus the cultural background, my general circumstance, work ethics that came from my culture and my general ability that crossed the threshold helped me succeed.

As Galdwell insinuates and some portion of my life points out, it is crystal clear that success is not derived from a sole factor, but from a variety of other factors.

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