My Father Is The Head Of The Household Essay

My Father Is The Head Of The Household Essay

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In my family, my father is the head of the household. He is the one that brings in most of the money, keeps everyone on track, and is the family clown. He has such an important role in our life. On February 9th, 2015 a day after my sister was released from the hospital, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement took my dad under arrest. We did not know that in the 5 minutes that he would step out of our home that he was never going to come back. Little did any of us know that that would be our last time being all-together as a family. The arrest and deportation of my father has affected my family emotionally, and financially.
The deportation of my dad was something that affected not only me, but also my entire family emotionally. This is not my dad’s first deportation, he had gotten deported once back in the winter of 2008 and it was one of the toughest times in our family 's life. My dad is one of my closest friends, so when we heard the news of him getting deported the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Oh God, not again”. When he got deported the first time I had to grow up and basically become a second mother to my siblings. Not only was my best friend taken away from me, but I also knew the responsibility that was about to be put on my shoulders because of this. Now, I really can’t enjoy my college years the way I wish I could have. My mother completely lost it when she heard the news about my dad. She had just overcome the fright of my sister’s diagnosis and now she had a whole different situation to stress over. This would mean that she would be the new head of the household and that I would have to help her pay for bills, something that she never wanted to ask me for. She now has the stress of having to be both a mot...

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... was starting to work part-time and only paid for her necessities. I was only worrying about my bills and I would spend my money however I pleased. Once my dad was taken away from us my mom had to start working full time again, I had to change my school days to only twice a week to work more hours, and even after all of that we are still struggling a little to pay bills. During the time my dad was in prison and the detention center, we were paying thousands of dollars to lawyers who made too many promises that did not keep. We were paying these people in hopes that they could find a way to have my father stay in the U.S. because that is what they had promised us. Not only were we paying lawyers, but we were also paying hundreds of dollars in credit so that my dad could call us and keep in touch with us. It was one of the only things that made him feel closer to home.

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