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My Family At The Mall Essay

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Within this family unit there are 7 members all are Black Americans, father Dale 40 and mother Sonya 36. Dale and Sonya married for 13 years since June 7, 2002; together both have two kids of their own son Dale Jr 10 and baby girl Dream 3 years of age. However, Sonya had four kids of her own before the marriage. Son Lenny, who just turned 19 and two daughters, Kay Ann 18 and Sasha 14 years old.
Dale has been a construction worker for 22 years working with thee city of Delray Beach also home owner and rent properties. Sonya is a hairstylist recently just moved to her own shop. Dale Jr who the family calls Junior in the fourth grade and little sister dream goes to daycare close to their home. Lenny finished high school and currently worker at the mall. Kay Ann has in her last year in high school and Sasha in the 8th grade.
The first day I met this family was 1 month ago the family was referred by DCF. When meeting the family I was able to meet all of the members at one time and I notice that everyone seemed to be angry, but the baby girl Dream of course she did not know what was going on. The family was reported to DCF because Junior told his teacher he wanted to kill himself immediately that same day this was reported and further actions were taken police alone with department of children family got involved and went out to the family home. Junior had to be baker act and taken to a juvenile center for treatment.
Junior stated to the factory staff that he wanted to kill himself because his mother abuses him and hates him. I was called in to work on this case and to further investigate to make sure that the children in the household was safe. The father and mother asked to come in my office to sign legal papers in order to...

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...ine the kids when they become rebellious to the rules.
The family all came together to give junior special attention because junior feels like the black sheep so mom and dad thought of alone with myself to focus more on junior and to do separate activities where it 's more one on one with him this would help junior with his emotions and the way he feels about his mom Sonya. Because, she truly loves her kids, but it is so frustrating to have a kid with this disability.
Sonya will need to have as much patience with Junior and talk to him telling always she loves him and how much, reward him enough when he does well
Junior needs individual treatment and mother Sonya, she sometimes can’t deal with his behaviors and seems too distant herself from him when he yells and act out she seems to have had it with him, she has to deal with this issue when Dale not home.

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