My Experience as an Illegal Immigrant in the United States Essay

My Experience as an Illegal Immigrant in the United States Essay

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As a kid growing up in a very abusive household my mother was a victim of Domestic Violence and for many years we were living in poverty this made it extra hard for me to handle secondary education until she decided to escape to the United States. At the age of seventeen my environment changed. The abuse stopped but we still struggled, as an illegal immigrant she was not qualified for a job and she worked cleaning houses and ironing clothes while I attended High School in Brooklyn New York.
I had to learn to adjust life without my sibling because my mom did not have enough money for them to be with us and adapt to a new culture. During this my mother and I ended up homeless during the winter months, this was the most brutal and embarrassing time of our life. In my teenage life I have overcome many obstacles; Even though we were living in poverty my mother had high expectation for her children and graduating from high school was just the beginning unfortunately I stumble again, I failed my Math Regent and did not graduate but I was determined not to be discouraged .
I joined the military and blossom into a new person deployed to Iraq twice and overcomes combat situation. This new adventure is where I gained my leadership roles but was still internally desired for my education. I met a special person and he had a degree and I left out my education equivalency after marrying I sneaked to a GED class and pass in three months. I was ready to start a new beginning and was allowing anything stop me in my tracks, BSW in 2014 and certainly ready to attack my MSW. I have the determination and has endured life realm to be where I am today. I have no regret for the outcome of life it has made me into the person that I am today; I hav...

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...tured my level of thinking to a different level. Even though I have worked with Iraqi family I did not get to really understand the custom, currently, I am working with an Iraqi family and they are giving me the opportunity to learn their customs, values, religion and language. EXPLORE MORE

Graduate school would be a struggle and a sacrifice for my family mentally and emotionally with two kids in school, my husband working and also preparing for graduate school but we are dedicated to accomplishing this journey for a moment. Honestly, I cannot quit my obligation to work but would take my nights and weekends to study. To be able to stay insane I have to take care of myself. One hour in the gym should be solved that problem, I am scared about the challenged but I would not be first and the last person to accomplish the MSW program.

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