My Brilliant Racing Career Essay

My Brilliant Racing Career Essay

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As I enter my last semester of high school, I have to starting thinking about making a plan for the future. The problem for me was actually making a decision that would be right for me, I could not decide what I wanted to do until a few weeks ago. But I finally made my decision about what I think I will enjoy doing, and making a career out of it. There are many paths I can and could take, but the automotive area is the one that sticks out to me. The two technician schools I have chosen are UTI, Universal Technician Institute, and WyoTech University, both of which are tech schools and will help get started. But that is the path I have chosen to go for, and I am going to stick with it.
Cars and other types of automobiles have always interested me. Since I was a little kid I dreamed about cars and wanting to work on them. When I was young I had no idea how a car worked, but it always fascinated me. My grandpa, who was part of the GT1 R racing team Pat Williams Racing, got me more into cars when I was a little older. I was 9 years old when I first saw him race and I after that I was instantly hooked. I thought and still think my grandpa is the coolest guy in the world for racing cars and getting me more into them. I remember going up to Memphis, Tennessee the summer after I saw him race; I asked him so many questions. He would always show me his cars and his tools, and I still remember the first time he drove me around the block in his car. According to my mom and him, I had the biggest smile on my face, and was always saying “One more time, one more time, please?” I loved it so much and I will never forget it. I think that was the spark that started it all for me. That spark grew into flame and now I am obsessed about cars and how th...

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...isten to him”.
Now that I’ve told you what I want to do, I now have to go try to be what I want to be. All these years at this school has prepared me for what is ahead. I’m going to miss this place, but I’m sure I will come back sooner or later. To check in and say “hello” to all my old teachers. I’m going to miss the times and memories I had here at Indian Rocks. This place will always have a place in my heart, a place in which I can call home. But I think the thing I’m going to miss the most is all the friends I’ve made here. I couldn’t have done this without them. So I thank you, the teachers and friends, I will always remember you. But now I must go, I have a goal I must reach, to be like my grandpa, he is my role model, the man I look up to, and the man I strive to be like. Good bye Indian Rocks, I will miss you. Peace.

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