My Best Friend: A Friend in My Time of Need Essay

My Best Friend: A Friend in My Time of Need Essay

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The strangers who you encounter in your life come in many shapes and sizes. The unexpected will always happen at times least expected. Pearls are life’s treasures that remind you what life is all about.
I spent two years of my life in a drunken state. Unsure, where I was at in my life at during a point in time when my daughter Emerald needed her mother the most. The bottle with its silver and blue shimmery colors on the label became my twin. That is until I met a man who gave me one of a few pearls in my life.
Jeremiah is a man who has a free spirit. He threw me a lifeline that neither of us knew was happening. He steps to the sound of his own drumbeat. Jeremiah is an A typical man that blends into the crowds until he speaks. I can still remember the day we met ever so clearly.
January was a tad bit cold it was a dreary day with a gray haze in the sky. Perched on my stool promptly at 5:15. I just completed a phone call to Emerald’s Grandpa that I needed him to pick her up. This was becoming a regular thing in these last few months. I had to work late at the office, some big report needed to be completed. This big report was my love affair with a tumbler of Vodka.
The tabletop was smooth and recently had a new glaze of polish applied. The four leaf clovers scribed into the bar top and table was a nice touch. The bar was kept poorly lit for good reason. The seductive smell of a narcotic was filling the room. It felt somewhat like home as I hid from the reality of the outside world.
The usual crowd could be found here. When a stranger walks-in you can see they are out of their element. To many tall stiff drinks into the early evening a man walked in to the bar. His hair was a mess he looked a little bewildered. He gr...

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...rities. I saw the way my childhood was and could not believe I was providing the same sad story and wrong doings to my precious child. I asked Emerald what she was digging for her reply was amongst a whole bunch of gibberish a pearl for mommy.
This particular day I was given two pearls. These pearls were of wisdom. My daughter well taken care of dressed and fed needed a loving mother. Jeremiah showed me where and how to use the shovel and get myself out of this pit of despair. He became a lifeline when I was drowning in a bottle of booze at a high rate of speed.
Pearls can be defined as grits of sand found in a clam that can turn it in to something precious. A pearl can also be somebody or something of much value. Although a pearl can be wisdom or a pearl disguised as a friend that comes in to your life with a life preserver and helps you in a time of need.

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