Essay on Musical Theatre : An Art Form Of Theatrical Performance

Essay on Musical Theatre : An Art Form Of Theatrical Performance

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Musical theatre is an art form of theatrical performance that has graced the stages of Broadway for close to two centuries, combining songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance to create a versatile performance art that has stunned people all over the world. Humor, pathos, love, anger is all communicated through movement and music as an integrated whole to create visual and aural masterpiece. “Broadway is Taking Leaps Towards a Sustainable Future.” (Hagiwara, 2011) implies that Broadway Musical theatre is implementing steps to secure its long term sustainability along the great white way. Looking at the eco-systems of music as a tool for sustainability, this essay will touch on three of the five domains of music, regulations and infrastructure, musicians and communities and contexts and constructs (Schippers, H. 2015) to prove this statement.

Unknown by the twelve million people who attend Broadway annually, in 2008 Broadway creative teams took a large step in making a change environmentally and for the benefit of their sustainability. Branching under the regulations and infrastructure domain, a large group of producers and theatre owners on Broadway contacted the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability along with the Natural Resources Defense Council, discussing how the industry can be turned “green” to benefit the environment. Since then, the great white way has secured policies and practices that have resulted in conservation of energy and useful management of materials, making the environmentalists of New York very proud. The Broadway theater industry now reuses tons of sets, recycles construction and costume materials every year and has reduced their lighting emissions. Examples of this can be seen in the hea...

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...ays and months after, that’s why they keep coming back to more modern shows like Kinky Boots and Fun Home who touch on issues still relevant to this day like racial discrimination and homosexuality.

The claim at the start of this essay, which states that Broadway is taking leaps towards a sustainable future, is definitely proven in the evidence provided. Change is the foremost sign that Broadway musicals are still a living, breathing genre. While the golden age is long gone, public perspective of commercial art has undergone extreme changes because musical theatre can only continue when the paying public allow it to. Given these factors conjured from the domains of music, Broadway Musical Theatre will most definitely sustain itself throughout the future, where it will evolve and go places audiences may not care to follow… but who could possibly resist a show tune?

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