Essay about Music Lyrics: Rights for Rights

Essay about Music Lyrics: Rights for Rights

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“[T]his nation was founded on respect for a wide range of viewpoints and faiths, a factor that has given the United States a special heritage and unique stability.” There have been many cases in which music lyrics have been changed as a result of offensive lyrics that citizens did not agree with, and unfortunately people hold the power so changes had to be made, but is it right? Record companies must not put regulations upon music lyrics, because it breaks an individual’s constitutional rights. (Patman)
A very important and large reason that any record company should not censor music lyrics is simply because a 200 year old document, known as the constitution protects an individual from being hammered down because of their beliefs.(ProQuest Staff) The following dialogue is a conversation between a small music artist and a radio station.
The first call I made was to a radio station program director who told me, ‘Yes, I know this record, and no, I’m not going to play it.’When I asked why, he said, ‘I think a song about older women with younger men might offend my male listeners. ‘I said, ‘Are you telling me you've played it and received complaints?’
‘No, I think it might offend my male listeners.’
I want to make it clear to you there are no swear words in my little song, not even a ‘hell’ or a ‘damn.’ Nobody gets drunk, steals or cheats. It’s just about love. Then I asked the man, ‘Are you currently playing the song, “The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time”?’
He said yes.
I said, ‘You don't think that's offensive to female listeners?’
He hung up.
I have learned that all of us in America are subject to someone else’s opinion of what is correct speech and what is not. But, thank God, I can make up my own mind about that as ...

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...old their ground and allow self-expression. Instead of being forced to assimilate. “From rock to rap, country to hip-hop, the meaning behind the music has provoked both controversial songs to the voluntary labeling of lyrics; the actions against music have taken many forms.”(Patman) This is why censoring music is debatable.

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