The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Essay examples

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Essay examples

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With exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is one of the Nation’s largest facilities devoted to the art of our time (“About the MCA”) . The mission of the MCA is to offer a direct experience to the public of modern day art and living artists. German architect Joseph Paul Kleihues designed the new building with seven times the square feet of its previous facility (“The Building”) . October of 1967 the museum opened its doors to the public for the first time. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a symbol of modern art, culture, and the artist of our time. It is a stepping stone in history and will leave footprints in the heart of Chicago for many generations to come.
The building provides not only art, but opportunities for numerous occasions such as weddings, seating dinners, corporate parties, and private performances. The theatre fits three hundred, and the lobby is available before and after the performance. The theatre rental is $3,000 for four hours and $500 for every additional hour. The main floor and third and fourth floor renting must be rented together, and is approximately $6,500 for five hours, and $1200 for every additional hour. (“Rental Rates”) . The Warehouse, used generally for black tie events and seated dinners $1500-1,550 for four hours, and $500 for every additional hour. The elegance and sophistication of the building and its work is worth every penny.
Also featured inside the museum is Puck’s Diner. Chef Wolfgang Puck has “teamed up with the museum to create an exciting dining destination in the heart of Chicago’s magnificent mile “(“Puck’s at the MCA”). The fashionable diner offers a variety of Mediterranean and Asian influences as well as a daily express ...

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... teacher resources, and programs for an audience of any age (“Education Reports”).
The Museum of Contemporary Art is a highly cultural, diverse, and modern influence on the public. Museum workers go out of their way each and every day to offer more to the public, with new exhibitions, showcases, shows, and much more, many say the experience is one of great extravagance. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a symbol of modern art, culture, and the artist of our time. It is a stepping stone in history and will leave footprints in the heart of Chicago for many generations to come.

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