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The Murderers Are Among Us
The Murderers Are Among Us, directed by Wolfe Gang Staudte, is the first postwar film. The film takes place in Berlin right after the war. Susan Wallner, a young women who has returned from a concentration camp, goes to her old apartment to find Hans Mertens living there. Hans took up there after returning home from war and finding out his house was destroyed. Hans would not leave, even after Susan returned home. Later on in the film we find out Hans was a former surgeon but can no longer deal with human suffering because of his traumatic experience in war. We find out about this traumatic experience when Ferdinand Bruckner comes into the film. Bruckner, Hans’ former captain, was responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people on Christmas Eve during the war. Hans wants Bruckner to receive punishment for his actions, so on Christmas Eve, after the war, he goes to do so. Susan, Hans’ love interest, stops Hans from killing Bruckner, she said it was not his place to pass judgment. In the end, Bruckner is imprisoned and Hans and Susan start their life together. With this film being the first postwar film, it comes with a lot of depth. It is not just a love story with troubled people with horrific pasts. The films production company, DEFA, was a company that had a purpose for re-educating after war. DEFA wanted to show many things through film such as: tell the truth, drive out all Nazism, and educate the youth. Many of DEFAs beliefs are found in The Murderers Are Among Us. There are many underlying meanings in the film, they are portrayed in a somewhat hidden, but influential way. For example, the ending, before the Soviets had it changed, had Hans killing Bruckner. The Soviets thought that this would ...

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...ning. I thought the filming and cinematography were beautiful. Even though the storyline was kind of cheesy I thought that the major points got across to the audience. I believe that it was smart to change the ending. The original ending would have invoked violence and made it seem moral. I think even though Susan was portrayed a little too okay with the fact she just returned home from a concentration camp, she was a good example to the audience. Each character drew the audience’s emotions and there was an obvious contrast between all of the characters. I believe that the contrast really made a difference and helped prove the point of the film. I think that overall the cultural influence played the biggest part in this film, for obvious reasons. The story and cinematography helped further the film in its aspects and overall helped the cultural message be displayed.

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