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The argument suggesting life existing on other Earth-like planets has been present since man first looked into space and questioned his own existence and the existence of others like him. Today there are many theories on the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but only one theory goes beyond them and into an even larger realm. The contents of this theory, known as the “multiverse” theory, suggest that humans on Earth live within one universe of many others that reside within a primordial vacuum containing many other universes (Jenkins and Perez). Each of these universes possesses potentially different natural constants and physical laws that govern them differently, thus calling forth some logical questions. First, what is the likelihood such universes even exist, and second, how can we test the constants and laws that still result in the possibility of intelligent life in other universes? Moreover, what implications does this theory have on the ideology that this universe is designed specifically for human beings?
To answer the first question, according to many physicists, astronomers, and especially cosmologists the multiverse theory is a definite possibility. While there may not be a consensus on the issue, a reasonable number agree that our universe is, “But one of many pocket universes within a wider expanse called the multiverse” (Jenkins and Perez, 42). This infinite number of diverse universes originated in the primordial vacuum of space as a “tiny patch of spacetime…as small as a billionth the size of a proton” (Jenkins and Perez, 48), and underwent a period of rapid inflation. From such growth, all happening at different rates due to variations in constants and physical properties, pockets formed, ...

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...t is that human reasoning abilities have allowed mankind to develop a virtual telescope far beyond the reach of our newest space viewing technologies. With this theory, humans come closer to realizing our place within the multiverse and the uniqueness of our own universe. The conflicting ideas, though difficult to prove one way or another, provide an impetus that will stimulate further research into this field, opening new doors and potentially useful technologies that could further humans’ understanding of everything on which our knowledge rests.

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