Multiculturalism : The American And Mexican Culture Essay

Multiculturalism : The American And Mexican Culture Essay

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Ismael Aguirre
Multiculturalism in the US
Class: 702
Instructor: Sarah L. Colome
In today’s society there are many words that are used or said without giving it complete thought. For example, the word “identity” is something to which I have never really given much thought or even considered how I identify myself.
I am a young Mexican American male growing up in the United States. I identify with both American and Mexican culture. Culture to me is what made you the person that you are today and will also have a major impact in your future. Culture can also be seen as an “Identity” because it is a state of mind in which someone recognizes their traits/beliefs that leads to finding out who you are and what you do. In other words, it 's basically who you are and what you define yourself as being. Identity and culture are what makes this world an interesting place, there is a distinct relationship between identity and culture and one without the other they could not exist I consider myself a composite of both American and Mexican cultures.
Since at a very young age, while growing up in a traditional Mexican household, I was raised and surrounded by Mexican customs and traditional beliefs. However as I grew up and started going to school, I was exposed to American culture all around me. But at home I was always exposed to Mexican culture and the Spanish language as well. For example, at a young age I was taught and told to go to church every Sunday that I could to Sunday mass whether it was going as a family or alone, therefore being religious is an identity that I align myself with as religion played a large part in my upbringing. Both my mom and dad are the main reason why I am a religious pers...

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...I will eventually want to have the title Drug Enforcement Agent as part of one of my many identities since that is one major goal that I want to accomplish as part of my career. I also look forward to being a college graduate and an educated Latino in my community. I hope to be able to use my education not just in my career but to encourage other young Latino’s with which I can identify with who may not have the resources necessary to pursue a college education or even the encouragement.
Through the various identities with which I identify, I hope to be able to gain a better understanding of my ideas and myself. I understand that I am a composite of these various identities and that my association with various groups of people has allowed me to experience different ways of life and values, and goals. These experiences continue to shape my beliefs, my goals and me.

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