Movie Review : ' The Crucible ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In what seems to be an auditorium we see Courtney sitting in the middle of the rows practically bored out of her mind. *Man this shit is so boring* thought Courtney *What does a girl gotta do to have some fun? This student body ceremony is boring as hell and to make it worse, Scott isn 't here to entertain me* As Courtney thought about that she looks beside her and sees the notorious delinquent Duncan, who like her is about to fall asleep of boredom as he is sitting away some seats away from her. At that time and moment Courtney thought of something that would probably help her out on her quest for some fun. Courtney knew that her and Duncan has kinda been on bad terms for a while but she didn’t care she needed some excitement and she knew that if scott was here he couldn’t satisfy her. So with that Courtney quietly scoots over to the delinquent to get his attention “Hey” whispers Courtney as she nudges Duncan Duncan though doesn 't pay Courtney no attention as he trying to get some shut eye. But Courtney doesn 't stop and keeps on nudging him to the point that he gets mad. “Leave me the hell alone! You stuck up bitch” says a peeved Duncan “I was just trying to ta-” Duncan would interrupt Courtney and says “Do you think I care” With that Duncan turns his attention back to the boring ceremony. As Duncan wasn 't giving Courtney the time of day. She thought of something that would get his attention. She placed her hand on his knee and after a squeeze she began to rub the top of his leg back and forward. Duncan instantly jolted up and crossed his legs to cover his boner. “Looks like I finally got your attention” smiles Courtney “Hey cut it out Courtney!” hisses Duncan “This isn 't funny” Courtney continues to smile as she then ... ... middle of paper ... ...derthal” smiles Duncan who shrugs his shoulders and heads out. With that Courtney then finishes adjusting her clothes and calmly walked out to the bathroom to the lobby. When she got out the latina saw one of the teachers, who gave her a very odd look. Thanks to her quick thinking Courtney says "Oh my gosh! Silly me, I accidently went into the wrong bathroom" The teacher then shook their head and walked back into the auditorium. Courtney waited a minute before she then too would go back to the ceremony. As she goes back to her seat Courtney sees an envelope on her chair so she opens. She reads the piece of paper that has the following: “Your place afterschool?” Courtney smiles and looks over to Duncan awaiting her reaction. In response she blows him a kiss which pretty much gives him her answer. “Looks like I’m going to have some more fun afterschool” smiles Courtney

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