The Movie Rain Man By Ronald Bass Essay

The Movie Rain Man By Ronald Bass Essay

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Relationships can be a positive aspect in a person 's life. There are many significant attributes about relationships in the movie Rain Man by Ronald Bass that are comparable to the story Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Both of these stories are good examples of how relationships teach people how to be supportive and accepting. These stories also teach us about how spending time with a person brings you closer together and how over time the characters in the two stories learn the true value of friendship. It is apparent through both of these stories that a considerable part of most relationships are made up of support for one another.
Being supportive is vital in maintaining a strong relationship because support builds confidence and gives one the courage to face obstacles in life. In Rain Man the main character Charlie Babbitt shows support for his brother Raymond Babbitt by telling him that even though he is going back to Walbrook that he will still be there for him. Charlie said to his brother that “[he will] see [Raymond] in 2 weeks [and then asks Raymond] now how many days is that before [they will] be together?” (Bass). This shows that Charlie supports the decision of Raymond going back to Walbrook and wants to make sure that Raymond knows that he is not going to abandon him by reassuring Raymond that they will see each other soon. The two characters in the story Of Mice and Men are also very supportive towards each other. When Lennie and George are of low spirit they say to each other that “[they have] got a future. [They have] somebody to talk to that gives a damn about [them] . . . because [Lennie has George] to look after [him] and [George has Lennie]to look after [him]” (Steinbeck pg.115). By having each-others bac...

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...the same goal. When they say “an’ live off the fat ta the land” (Steinbeck pg 14) they are talking about being able to buy a farm together so they can work for themselves and spend quality time together. That is why they were hesitant to allow Candy to join their dream because they would feel more accomplished achieving their dream by themselves and it would further bond their relationship. If one does not invest time in a relationship it will never grow.

Through the good and the bad, relationships overall make you a stronger person. The movie Rain Man by Ronald Bass and the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck both show the many great qualities they have in their relationship with one another. Some of those qualities are support, acceptance and the quality time they spend together. These two stories reveal relationships are often the center of people 's lives.

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