Essay about The Movie ' Cocoon ' : Relationships, Aging, Decisions And Acceptance

Essay about The Movie ' Cocoon ' : Relationships, Aging, Decisions And Acceptance

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The movie Cocoon is about life: relationships, aging, decisions and acceptance. It focuses on a group of lovable aging misfits living in Sunny Shores Retirement Home who seem to have gotten the message that friendship, love, comradery and helping others is the key to sanity in old age. Although they each endure age related maladies, three of the men sneak in to a neighboring pool for casual swims to relive the youthful mischief associated with teenagers. Arthur, Ben and Joe notice strange, giant pod formations on the pool’s bottom one day but, swim anyway. Suddenly their aging bodies feel better, have more strength and energy; they feel more like their younger selves, even turning up the romance with their wives. Little do they know aliens from Antares have come to rescue their extraterrestrial friends in cocoons on the ocean’s bottom, placing them in the pool until their journey back to their planet and eternal life. The force keeping the cocooned aliens alive rejuvenates the aging friends but conversely creates life-changing ethical decisions for their friend Bernie and for them as...

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