Movie Analysis : Spider Man 2 Essay

Movie Analysis : Spider Man 2 Essay

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In the movie Spider-Man 2, the main character Peter Parker is a young, talented, and intelligent male who recently became the new superhero of New York City. As the city looks to Spider-Man to defeat villains and rid the city of all things bad and evil, the civilian’s of New York become very dependent on the new superhero. Although the movie is incredibly entertaining and has encouraging propositions of hope, strength, and courage, there are concerning messages throughout the movie. After the infamous day of September 11, 2001, is Spider-Man 2 bringing fear and toxicity into the lives of civilian’s outside of the cinematic walls? After the horrific terrorist attacks in New York City, Spider-Man 2 promotes racism, misogyny, and a pessimistic view of the future in our post 9/11 society.
During one of the first scenes in the movie, you see Peter running through the streets of New York in a hurry. He finally runs into a pizza parlor where he works. His boss is upset with him for being late and tells Peter that if he doesn’t deliver the pizzas on time, he will be fired. This scene evidently reflects racism because his boss is a Middle Eastern man who is clearly considered the “bad guy”. He is immediately given a negative role in the film because Peter is about to be fired by a man who is “coincidently” the same race as the men who were involved in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The audience gives his boss, named Mr. Aziz, an antagonistic role in the movie because Spider-Man is only late to his job because he was busy saving the citizens of New York City.
Having only minutes to deliver the pizzas, Spider-Man saves a couple of children and finally shows up to the nice building (looking much like the inside of the Twin Towers). He delive...

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...nspired. Although these themes are respectable, it is crucial that our nation is not making films that stereotype, promote immoral messages, and put fearful thoughts of the future in the minds of Americans. On September 11, 2001, America faced a tragedy that put fear in the hearts of our nation. Movies like Spider-Man 2 that promote racism against Middle Eastern men increases that fear and create a more intensified hatred for the people of this race. The immoral misogynistic themes in the film are detrimental as well. It is important for the audience to know that women and children are not the minorities. As people and as a nation, we are equal. When tragedy strikes no one stands above one another. Movies like Spider-Man 2 help develop stereotypes and intensify the immoral messages of racism, misogyny, and doubt for the future in our society after September 11, 2001.

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