Movie Analysis : ' Atlas Shrugged And ' Continued With Chapter Three And Four

Movie Analysis : ' Atlas Shrugged And ' Continued With Chapter Three And Four

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We returned to Atlas Shrugged and continued with chapter three and four. Chapter three starts in a bar with Jim and a few of his friends talking about the economy. They are complaining about how it is not fair that Hank Rearden has his own ore mines which he uses to always deliver on time. Everybody else has to wait months or years before they can complete orders. Jim agrees that it is not fair and will use his connection in Washington to force Hank to get rid of his mines but only if they do him a favor by passing legislation that will force Dan Conway of Phoenix Durango to stop operations in Colorado. They all agree and switch the topic to the copper mines Francisco d’Anconia discovered in Mexico and of the San Sebastian Line. Jim has built a line in Mexico to do the poor people a favor. He claims without the help of people like him Mexico will get nowhere. Boyle then mocks Jim for the old wood burning train he is operating in Mexico. He then leaves and confronts Dagny about why she is doing this. She tells her that there is a threat of nationalization and she does not want to lose any assets there. Jim angrily tells her that he has had enough and at the upcoming meeting of directors will once and for all put a limit to how much authority she has. This is also Jim’s first project after becoming president and he wants to make a good first impression. He did not build the mines only to “help” Mexico but he also has an investment in Francisco’s copper mines. Dagny informs him that there is no evidence of copper in the mines and Francisco has now become a playboy compared to the genius he was. Chapter four starts with McNamara, the contractor, quitting. He was the contractor they were planning on using to address the issues on the R...

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.... Market entrepreneurs have the right intent and operate within the rules. If we can circumvent these rules then there is no point in having these rules. We can clearly see that Jim does not have better products but is still able to succeed because of his connections and favors he is owed. This leads to deterioration of the skilled entrepreneurs because they know they will never be able to succeed and if they want to then they have to change their ethics and morals. Dan Conway is an example of this. Rather than fight he just gives up because he is not willing to change his ethical beliefs and values. In free market capitalism entrepreneurs get to decide how much success they will have based on the time and effort they put into their work. If society does not enable entrepreneurs to succeed than it will lead to failing economies and societies like that of socialism.

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