Essay about Mountains More Dangerous than Everest

Essay about Mountains More Dangerous than Everest

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People do not realize the ways that people die on Mount Everest. They do not realize that due to the height limited oxygen is available which leads to many serious illnesses. The limited oxygen not only cause many illnesses, but also causes many deaths. Those dead bodies will stay up on Mount Everest for a long time and will never be brought home to their families. People also do not realize that Mount Everest is not the hardest mountain in the world to climb and other mountains that pose greater challenges.
Everest to one would be seen as dangerous because the height is very intimidating. When first told of the mountain height being 29,029 feet, people automatically assume that is what defines a mountain as challenging. Hence to the public and non-climbers, Everest is a treacherous mountain. Also, the first time climbers of Everest consider it dangerous because one will always remember the dangers the mountain posed. Therefore, to some people Everest is a dangerous and intimidating mountain.
Everest is not the safest mountain in the world, but a few other mountains more dangerous. Everest has a few precautions set out to help protect climbers while on the mountain. For instance, Everest, along with some other Himalayan mountains, has Sherpas that guides hire to help climbers up and down the mountain. The difference between Everest and the other mountains are that the Sherpas on Everest are with the climbers all the time instead of halfway up the mountain, like other mountains. Sherpas can function high altitudes, which makes them valuable when they carry climbers bags to the camps for them. Jon Krakauer, a climber of Everest during the 1996 disaster, mentioned that he had to chop ice for three hours without help to use for a...

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...owded mountain that threatens the lives of many novice climbers. All in all, size does not make a mountain dangerous, natural causes and human error.

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