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Mount Shasta Term Paper
Many of us know Mount Shasta to be a beautiful mountain and a popular tourist location in California. However, this mountain is much more than that, this mountain is actually a volcano. Volcanoes come with a number of hazards and a volcano of this size is of no exception. Previous eruptions on Mount Shasta have given us an idea of the power this volcano has and the damage it may do. With this information scientists are able to predict what may happen should another explosion occur.
First, one must know a little information about this volcano. Mount Shasta is located in Siskiyou County, California. This volcano is the second highest peak in the southern end of the Cascade Range and is still active, though not enough for people to notice. At 14,179 feet it is also the most voluminous stratovolcano located in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. The mountains complex shape is due to the four overlapping volcanic cones it consists of, including the most prominent, main summit, Shastina. The other cones include: Sargents Ridge cone, Misery Hill cone, and Hotlum cone. Sargents Ridge cone is the oldest of all the cones that make up the mountain. Though it is now dissected by a glacial valley, a portion of it can still be seen on the mountain. Misery Hill makes up a large part of the present mountain. the fourth cone, the Hotlum cone is formed from eruptive products and is located on the northeastern side of Mount Shasta. Three of the four major vents on the mountain are aligned with a north trending zone that passes through the mountains summit. This linear alignment parallels local faults, which suggests that the bedrock structure has influenced and partially controlled the dimensions in which Mount Shasta develops (Mie...

... middle of paper ... Mount Shasta is a beautiful mountain with great hiking spots for tourists, it is also a big threat to surrounding cities. This volcano poses the threat of pyroclastic flows, debris flows, lahars, and tephra. The prevalence of many of these hazards isn't very high, however the threat they pose is very serious and isn't taken lightly.

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