Essay on The Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate

Essay on The Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate

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People should not have to wear helmets because non-helmet usage dose not cost the government more money then helmet usage in a crash there is no difference between injuries with a helmet and without a helmet, and a helmet limits personal freedom.
Living in Wisconsin we see see many motorcyclist ride without helmets many non motorcyclist think that that rider is irresponsible or he has a death wish and that they are costing them more money in there taxes thats just not true many motorcyclist have health insurance. Which covers the cost just the same as an auto accident motorcyclists are 45% more likely to be injured in a cycle accident then other drivers(CDC pg or par. #). That is the name of the game and riders just learn to accept the reality of there chosen mode of transportation. The CDC has a positive stand on helmet usage but where do they get this information a 30year old study of helmet and non helmet usage among motorcyclist in California the man behind this study was professor John Hurt for which the study became known as the hurt report. In this report he followed a hundreds of motorcyclists and documented what happened to each and every one of them over the course of ten years he had odd areas of study such how much motorcycles fitted with fairings are involved in accidents a fairing is a plexiglass or plastic mounted to the front of the motorcycle that cuts the wind and other debris from striking the rider. What mr Hurt found was that motorcycles fitted with fairings are involved in crashes a lot less this probably is because motorcyclists who have fairings are more experienced then other riders who have not found out the benefits of a fairing.for the non riders in the population why should non riders care if motor...

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...2013. .\

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