The Modern Relationship Between Church And State Essay

The Modern Relationship Between Church And State Essay

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When observing the modern relationship between Church and State, it is clear to me that the relationship is extremely unhealthy and at times a bit abusive. When learning about six different theo-political models, there were three that immediately jumped out as viable solutions. These models were the ones written by Thomas Hobbes, St. Augustine, and Machiavelli. My ideal political- theology is one in which the church is still existent, but not a driving force in politics. The common good of the state should be the driving force in citizens’ political views. The goal in this political philosophy is to create a healthier balance in the relationship between the Church and the State by changing the political strategy of the Church (to encourage them to teach morality and God’s word on subjects rather than endorse individual candidates) and to bind people to their State.
The first model to partially offer a solution to the problem of the modern theo-political balance was St. Augustine. As Augustine pointed out, Christianity is a dominant and widely respected religion. With America being a predominantly Christian nation, despite its reputation as a melting pot, it is ludicrous to believe that we would ever achieve a completely secular state as outlined in Hobbesian Bodies. Augustine believed that humans had two choices in what path to follow, and those choices were the City of God and the City of Man.
However, the problem with this model, in my opinion, is that some Christians attempt to inflict their choices onto other people. For example, the Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, in her own mind was surely following the path to the City of God. She refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples claiming that it went agai...

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... should be taken more seriously in order to take care of humanity’s home not because the Bible told people so. Pope Francis seemed to take that approach in his speech. He did not say that this was because of passage in the Bible that described humans as stewards of the earth, but because the impact of global warming is “felt by those least responsible for it- refugees and the poor” (McKenna, 2016). By pushing to take care of the earth for the common good of those who live upon it, Pope Francis is harnessing the political power of the church in a very positive way. In an ideal theo-political model, all church leaders would follow this same example. Pushing members of the church to do the right thing in political subjects, according to God’s teachings, for the common good of humanity rather than selling a candidate or party would be the perfect role for the church.

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