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Modern Medical Technologies Essay

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Modern Medical Technologies

From the beginning of time human kind human kind has relied on technology to advance itself. From the wheel to the combustible engine technology has improved all aspects of human life. None such technologies have improved human life such as medical technologies, which started out archaic but have now has turned so invasive that recovery time is almost instant in comparison. Unlike other technological advances medical technologies have improved the quality of how people live and have increased the length of life almost tripled its life time. Medicine has improved in the way that doctors diagnosed, the way invasive procedures are done, the way medication is made and how it works and the way rehabilitation is performed.

There has always been some kind of provider of health care services, doctors were not always called doctors. In tribes those who help heal other individuals were called healers, these individuals were entrusted with the wellbeing of the tribe (Saari, 2001). Whether the issue was an illness or an injury the members of the tribe expected the healer to preform miracles and make their loved one better. Most of these healers used herbs and other natural elements and even spiritualism to heal their patients. Healers evolved and learned from each other on how to heal, healing transformed into ancient medicine and the first doctor was born. The world’s first recorded doctor was from Egypt his name was Imhotep and he lived around 2650 BC he created the first textbook on medicine. This textbook instructed on how to treat a broken bone, and heal tumors, though the means by which those procedures were done it paved a way for formal training for doctors. Medicine continued to grow from then to where m...

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