Essay on Mistakes Made By Lessons Learned

Essay on Mistakes Made By Lessons Learned

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Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned
One of the best things in life is being able to learn so much from a person who is so close to
you. I am fortunate enough to have a father who can answer just about any question I have about
money. Due to his business degree, he knows exactly what to do when a stressful money situation
comes up and I am so grateful that I can always count on his advice to solve any difficulties I am
My dad has had many big financial problems thrown at him and somehow he finds a way to
get through them all and still makes sure to put money into his savings account. A question I asked
my dad was, "What was your biggest financial mistake?" He replied to me that not using his degree
from college in his career today. He knew going through college that he didn 't enjoy business that
much but he continued to work towards getting that degree. Today, he is an engineer for K&O
Railroad and that is something he enjoys greatly. But due to that not requiring a degree in business,
he wasted so much money on college and time from his life. He told me that no matter how many
times I change my major, make sure I end up in something I truly love because I will not want to
look back on my college experience and regret how I handled it and how I spent my life and money.
The lesson I have been taught through my fathers mistakes are that no ,after what anyone
says, you have to do what makes you happy. Sometimes your happiness won 't be the highest paying
job, or the CEO of a major company, but it will be your outlook on life. If you are miserable at work,
that will carry over to your personal life and affect you completely.
The next lesson that I have been taught through my dad is how to handle stressful situations.
I have suffoca...

... middle of paper ... to us, whether it is from another person or a mistake we made and the
lesson that came out of it.
Throughout the EverFi program, I learned many things like which bank accounts to use for
what needs, how to properly save your money in order for it to make more off of interest, and how to
live your entire life debt free. The lessons I have learned from both my father and this program will
help me throughout my entire life and help me to make proper choices that will benefit me
financially for years to come. I am excited to live my life knowing all of these things that many
people did not have the opportunity to learn at such a young age. This will help me make good
decisions when I am dealing with my finances and help me not make the mistakes that many others
have and have shared their experiences in order for others to learn from them and not make the same

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