Essay about Miles Davis ' Personal Life And Contributions

Essay about Miles Davis ' Personal Life And Contributions

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My research paper is about Miles Davis’ personal life and his contributions to jazz. Miles Davis played a major role in the expansion in jazz with his music that he had produced. Davis helped produce and expand the different genres of jazz as well as train young talented musicians into successful artists in the field of jazz today. Davis not only shaped jazz into different forms and styles, but he also introduced jazz music to music listeners who were not a fan of jazz. From an early childhood, Davis was already interested in music and ready to help change the world of jazz.
Davis was first introduced to the trumpet when he was just a teenager. Just like most other kids, “Davis grew up in a supportive middle-class household, where he was introduced by his father to the trumpet at age 13” ( Davis showed interest in the trumpet at a very young age and was able to master and perform with the trumpet very early in his music career. Davis played in his high school band and was given the opportunity to play with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker on stage at a very young age. Davis later moved to New York and enrolled at the Juilliard School where he began to study more about music. With his time at school, Davis must have shown major improvement and a passion for music because afterwards, Davis began playing at nightclubs where he began to play with other artists on stage and develop his own improvisational style in jazz. With these gigs, Davis began to truly have a drive to improve at the trumpet and still maintain a financial stability.
Unlike other artists, Davis grew up with an average background where financial concerns were not an issue. Davis was “The son of a prosperous dental surgeon and a music teacher…” (B...

... middle of paper ...

...and the music in the jazz genre.
Miles Davis was a very influential musician in jazz. Davis helped develop new genres of jazz, and became the influence of many artists and jazz itself. Davis also showed that even in difficult situations, anyone can still succeed as long as they have a passion for what they are doing and have a goal set. Davis started like just anyone, with a trumpet with a passion to learn and excel. Davis played along great jazz players as a learner and later began to teach younger talented musicians to become leaders in the jazz world. Davis did play a major role in jazz until he passed away “…on September 28, 1991, Davis succumbed to pneumonia and respiratory failure” ( The passing away of Davis did take a major culture away from jazz, but his accomplishments, teachings, and music are still remembered and practiced in jazz today.

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