Essay on The Migration Between Eu And Britain

Essay on The Migration Between Eu And Britain

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Now, that the United Kingdom voted in favor of exiting from the European Union, the process is commonly known as Brexit, there a possible that we will witness a tremendous migration wave between the EU and the UK once the Brexit is implemented. This will ultimately affect every aspect of the European society and will have a repercussion on the global economy and geopolitics. In this paper, we analyse the migration effectiveness between the EU and Britain. The results indicated that currently there is an efficient redistribution of population in favor of the UK from most other EU countries. Belgium, Spain, Luxemburg, and Cyprus have higher number of UK citizens living in them than citizens of these countries living in the UK. Between France and the UK, there is almost equal number of migrants from each other. The UK has to deal with possible migration of significant percent of 2.9 million EU migrants that are currently in UK. In addition, UK also have to update the policies to accommodate 0.8 million Britons living in other EU countries.
The Schengen Agreement of 1985 helped Europea...

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