The Middle Class Is Defined As A Social Class Essay

The Middle Class Is Defined As A Social Class Essay

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The American middle class is defined as a social class in the United States. It is the class of people in the middle of a social hierarchy. There are people in the United States middle class as well as other countries and this class of people has specific issues and interests that they are concerned with. Issues such as the health care reform, the financial reform, making college affordable, and housing. By dealing with these specific issues, the middle class has to vote, making them the middle class voters. In the middle class, there are four sections and all three make up the middle class. And in that middle class are the middle class voters, a small chuck of it. The middle class has been considered as homogenous, but with that different parts that make up the middle class some parts go in a different direction.
The middle class consists of four different parts; the top of the class, the struggling middle, the satisfied middle, and the anxious middle class. “Each is different from the others in its attitudes, outlook and financial circumstance—sometimes in ways that defy traditional stereotypes of the middle class” (Morin). By having these four different groups, it all harmonizes together, but sometimes a small chuck of the middle class can turn to onto a different lane no longer making in homogenous. The top class is the largest out of the four is the top of the class. This class is “predominantly male, disproportionately well-educated and financially secure” (Morin). Those who are at the top of class would be stereotypically depicted as a successful white male. This does not defy traditional stereotypes but the majority of the top class is. The lives of those in the top class are good and only going to get better. “A 54% majo...

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...preventive care. This enhances the quality of care for Americans and gives the middle class better health care and security holding the insurance companies accountable.
More and more people in the middle class are not going to college anymore because of the expenses. “To create true middle class security, we need to out educate the competition” (WhiteHouse). When people have the path to a higher education, it’s a path to a brighter future and more opportunities.
During the Great Recession in 2008, lenders did not give the home buyers the information they needed and were fooled into signed sub primes loans (risky loans) and irresponsible people took out loans knowing that they couldn’t afford it. By helping responsible homeowners, the middle class will be able to buy the home that they want with more security and require ender to provide them with more information.

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