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Michelle Young : Leading A Life Of Inspiration Essays

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Michelle Young: Leading a Life of Inspiration
Being an interpreter is hard enough on its own, but when a family and a life of mission is added to the mix, the product is an astounding woman. Michelle Young, a woman of thirty-one has achieved more than some people in her life. She attends Atascosita Community Church and works for Accessible Signs, as a sign language interpreter. Through her husband, Dale, she was introduced to sign language. Dale’s sister is deaf and his mother is an interpreter as well. She attended church with his family when they were dating. When Dale and Michelle got engaged she realized signing would be a necessity when being a part of his family. Along with sacrifices for her fiancé, Michelle renounces time for her family and her ministry. Michelle has accomplished a successful career from her childhood experiences, her schooling, advantages and disadvantages, and her work day. Michelle’s childhood affected how she chose her career and how she treats her family.
Through Michelle’s childhood she was molded into a great young woman. She was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico. When she was in the fourth grade she moved to Mississippi. She stayed in Mississippi until she was married and moved to Alabama but while living in Mississippi her parents faced many hardships resulting in divorce. There were good things that came out of living in Mississippi too. Michelle explained earnestly, “… we were grounded, rooted somewhere, but also my grandmother lived on our same land and so having her there was also good” (Young 3). She cleared her throat before stating this making the interviewer think that she deems this to be a serious topic for her. Michelle’s parents separated in the summer before her ninth grade year, she wa...

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...teacher at. Michelle said how her normal work day might go, “Depends on the day because every day is different … somedays I get up, drive to my assignment, I’m there for however long then leave. “(Young 8-9). Sometimes she goes to more than one assignment in one day. She loves what she does because she adores the freedom. She also likes to help people, which is another reason she took up this job. Michelle’s job not only makes her happy but also elation to many deaf individuals.
In conclusion Michelle’s job helps her and helps the people around her. She loves interpreting, and thinks this job is worthwhile. She encourages individuals with a passion for ASL to look into becoming an interpreter. She also believes that if she would have stayed in architecture she would not be as happy. If this pathway is right for you, make sure you lead beautifully, as Michelle has.

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