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Michael Jordan: The Legend Essay

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The 1970s were the most enigmatic years in the NBA’s first half century, best noted for its parity. According to many sports fans and critics, Michael Jordan is one of the most notoriously talented athletes of the twentieth and twenty-first century. His success and accomplishments on the basketball court helped to turn the spotlight towards the NBA during the eighties and nineties.
Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York (Michael Jordan). He was the fourth of five children born to James and Deloris Jordan. Both of Michael’s parents worked for a living. Michael’s father, James, was a mechanic and his mother, Deloris, worked as a bank teller (Michael Jordan). Due to the fact that James and Deloris felt the streets of Brooklyn were unsafe to raise their family, they moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. As a young child, Michael was immediately interested in sports. Baseball was the sport that Michael fell in love with first, but years later Michael started playing basketball.
Michael waited until his sophomore year to try out for the basketball team. He was cut from the varsity team and put on the junior varsity team (Christopher 12). The following summer he grew four inches and practiced tirelessly everyday. The next year he made the varsity team, and his hard work had paid off as he averaged twenty five points per game and was selected to the McDonalds All American Team following his senior season (Michael Jordan).
Michael’s outstanding junior and senior seasons caught the eye of various colleges including Duke, South Carolina, Syracuse, and Virginia. However, there was one college that stood out to him. In 1981 he accepted a scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill...

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...official owner. Jordan is still the present owner of the Bobcats. Jordan also is the owner of Jordan brand company which manufactures clothes and shoes. In April of 2009 Jordan received the most prestigious award; He was inducted into the Hall of Fame (Michael Jordan).

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