Essay on The Mexican Tlaltelolco Massacre

Essay on The Mexican Tlaltelolco Massacre

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Around the time of the Massacre in Mexico, there were a number of books written based on the brutal killings. Three popular books that were written by Mexican writers and addressed the movement of Mexican students, during that era, were Massacre in Mexico (by Elena Poniatowska), ’68 (by Paco Ignacio Taibo II), and Palinuro of Mexico (by Fernando de Paso). Their literature presented a disturbing look into a student movement, which culminated in hundreds of student protestors being massacred on October 2, 1968, in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas/Tlatelolco of Mexico City. This event led Pablo Ignacio Taibo II to write in the preface of his book ’68, “There are no countries without fairy tales lurking in their shadows.” His book is a collection of fragments that records what took place during that infamous year. And when Taibo addresses countries having fairy tales, it has nothing to do with a happy ending. Instead, he points out how countries present a positive, false image to cover up the negativity that continues to exist.
All three of the bodies of literature deliver a detailed look into what took place during that era of massacres, but this essay will examine the work of Elena Poniatowska, Massacre in Mexico. The events that took place during the Mexican student movement, lasted from July until October of 1968. Within Elena Poniatowska’s body of work are a compilation of oral histories and photographs. Although Poniatowska’s work is different from the other two authors, they all share the same goal of displaying a search for truth, an importance of their memory, and insisting that the reader pay attention and always remember.
I intend to display how the author uses a variety of techniques to represent and achieve the chronicler...

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