Essay on Mexican Immigrants And The United States

Essay on Mexican Immigrants And The United States

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During the 1900’s through 1950’s the United States experienced an influx of immigrants coming in from Mexico seeking employment opportunities, as many of them wanted to avoid the Mexican Revolution occurring from 1910 to 1920. Methods for arriving in the United States varied for each individual’s preference of the destination, but the means of transportation had been constant throughout. These methods of transportation consisted of contractors seeking unskilled workers willing to partake in hard labor in steel, railroad, or agriculture companies. Contractors traveled to towns close to Mexico’s boarder such as Laredo or El Paso seeking Mexicans citizens for labors. In some instances, immigrants traveled on their own will based on the advice of friends and relatives living in areas of employment. Mexican immigrants working in the United States experienced a great increase of wage distribution in comparison to the wage earnings being obtained in Mexico, but these immigrants confronted numerous issues in their working and living environments such as discrimination, segregation, and unjust rent charge. Mexican immigrants endured much hardship in their working environment, often being regulated to the most dangerous tasks by their employers. These low level positions had been tasked with back breaking work. Some of these hardships, however, varied based on the location Mexican immigrants had been living in during this time period. Work security and wage distribution varied from different locations as well as rental rates. In addition, Mexican immigrant’s race classification varied from location to location causing unfair representation or discriminatory treatments. Although multiple of Mexican immigrants coming into the United Stat...

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... New York. However, under immense pressure from Mexican government and the U.S. state department the judge overturned its previous ruling and classified all three Mexican immigrants as free whites. Legal representation for these individuals had been improper and ill managed, but based on the location of the cases the outcome varied.
In conclusion, the geographical location of Mexican immigrants living and work place had a great impact on their lives. These immigrants prospered in a few cities like Chicago Illinois with job security and high wages, but at times also encountered diversity with the void of culture or proper legal representation. In addition, social issues hindered Mexicans to truly feel a sense of being welcomed to a country that in some instances had been hostile towards Mexican immigrants with discrimination and segregation directed towards them.

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