Metro Manila Film Festival: Taste of Filipino Movies on Christmas Essay

Metro Manila Film Festival: Taste of Filipino Movies on Christmas Essay

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While the children are very busy collecting their gifts from their godparents, actors and film staffs are also busy creating such wondrous movie as their entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. MMFF as its shortened name, it is the annual celebration of the Filipino talents in the movie industry. Usually held during the Christmas season, it recognizes the role of the film industry in providing artistic depictions of the Philippine stories and history. And as the time passes by, Metro Manila Film Festival has become part of the Filipino’s yearly celebration of Christmas.
Before the films are being sent to various cinemas nationwide, giant floats of them will be rounding the Pasay Rotonda first. The floats are made portraying the setting of the actual movie. For instance, if a certain horror movie is set in a haunted house, then its float will be like a house with an eerie design. In general, all the floats are decorative implying the effort of the people behind those artworks. People are truly enjoying the caravan not only because of the enormous and colorful floats they see but also for the chance to glance at their favorite celebrities. In order to have evidence of achieving their dreams, they will surely take pictures of them. The casts, on the other hand, are usually on top, shining their eyes and swaying their hands to welcome the people. Their sweet smiles and heart-warming yells throughout the procession somewhat convince the people to watch their pompous creations. Moreover, they throw some giveaways such as t-shirts and posters which may help to attract the people’s attention. All are appreciating every single moment of the event.
Normally, the first day of the film viewing is placed on Christmas. Imagine how clever pro...

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...ovie itself. As the time goes by, movies become more imaginative signifying the rich and brilliant minds of ‘Pinoys’. They are devoted to their profession, trying to reach perfection. After all, they will gather all the gifts of their hardships. Filipino film industry is very significant among them just as how important the Christmas is. Furthermore, it is as colorful as the Christmas celebration of the Filipino community.

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