Mental Illness And Its Effects On People 's Mood, Thinking, And Behavior

Mental Illness And Its Effects On People 's Mood, Thinking, And Behavior

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Mental illnesses, a medical condition, are disorders that can affect people’s mood, thinking, and behavior. Many people don’t pay much attention to these disorders, because they are not familiar with psychiatric illness. Not paying attention to detecting and treating mental illness is an issue, because it can increase the risk of violence more than treated mentally ill people. For example, the failure to treat the ill can have dire consequences because it can increase the risk of mass shootings. Being able to recognize the signs of mental illness is important to help prevent incidents because most people are not informed well and don’t recognize the symptoms of mental illness on time, which can be very risky to the community. Although many crimes could be linked with mental health issues, not all mentally ill are dangerous.
Although it is considered a myth by recent discoveries, many people believe that all mentally ill people are dangerous. The majority of people fear mentally ill people because they relate the mentally ill with school massacres and shootings. For example, when the Virginia Tech massacre happened, many people started proposing gun policies to prohibit guns from people who had some sort of relation with mental illness for fear of another loose mad man. According to a survey a national public opinion survey that tested the public attitudes about mental illness, Overall and among People with and without Experience with Mental Illness, “Almost half of respondents believed that people with serious mental illness are more dangerous than members of the general population, but less than a third believed that locating a group residence for people with mental illness in a residential neighborhood would endanger area re...

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...population. As indicated in a recent article in Clinical Psychiatry News (Johnson, 2006), community mental health centers are currently understaffed and face increased understaffing” (Kliewer 42). This is a serious issue because this depends if the deinstitutionalization of those with severe mental illness continues to help the vulnerable ill, rather than sending the patients to a psychiatric hospitalization.
It is important for people to learn the truth about mental illness because discrimination is unacceptable. Only by the truth will people be able to change their perspective about mental illness and stop harassing victims. Although it is difficult to predict a next massacre only by using histories of mental illness, it is vital for people to become aware of our community and help the people who present similar symptoms of mental illness, rather than ignore it.

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