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Essay Mental Health : Narrative Outline

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Firefighter mental health: Narrative outline
Mental health in the fire service is an upcoming problem, but has been occurring for years without firefighters even knowing it. Specifically post-traumatic stress disorder known as PTSD and firefighter suicides are the main issues that have a large impact in the fire service. This outline will lay out the main points that are a result, impact, or other subjects in relation to the two main issues above. Firefighter deaths are rising rapidly, members of the fire service need to be educated on PTSD and suicide to provide treatment before another devastating event occurs in result of the issues effects.
Problem Statement
Post-traumatic stress disorder and firefighter suicide are two problems in the fire service that have not received much attention from researchers and educators. These two have become a huge problem since firefighters rarely receive training or education on how to identify certain signs and symptoms of these mental behaviors. It is known that about 7% to 37% of firefighters match or exceed the criteria for these behavior symptoms to become diagnosed with this disorder (Hofman, 2012). It is necessary to know these researched percentages; the fire service has to have a plan to reduce these numbers greatly. An effect of having PTSD is a firefighter committing suicide, Jeff Dilly researched that 360 firefighter members committed suicide in a time between 2000- 2013 (Wilmoth, 2014). Firefighter suicide, in the past was never thought of because it was needed only happening in was, however, knowing that there are more stresses educating firefighters and families would be the quickest and easiest way to reduce the number effected. The current management problem with PTSD and...

... middle of paper ... information, therapy and treatment ideas. On the other hand, fire departments around the United States need to use these resources to protect their firefighters from these harmful behaviors.

The proposed resolution for post-traumatic stress disorder and firefighter suicides star with the fire departments educating their firefighters with the needed knowledge to know the signs and symptoms of these behaviors. Another issue is making these resources stated above known that they are available to the firefighters to fix the harmful behavior so it will not continue worsen. Using resources in conjunction with therapists can cure firefighter PTSD and firefighter suicide. Fire departments need to increase the amount of education and displaying these resources to firefighters, because early detection of these behaviors can easily save a hundreds of lives down the road.

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