Memes : An Idea, Behavior, Style, Or Usage? Essay example

Memes : An Idea, Behavior, Style, Or Usage? Essay example

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a meme is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Memes create a way for people to interact without necessarily interacting, primarily because there is a common theme between people. Thus providing a means of communication and connection. For example, dancers connect online through the common understanding of how difficult it is to seem effortless. In general they enjoy making sure that no one mistakes their talent as a simplistic art form. Therefore the usage of memes allow dancers online to communicate or simply enjoy laughing at their common struggles. Memes develop their appeal through their ability to convey ideas, themes, as well as practices shared by the majority.
Memes, similar to the ideas of humans, are constantly changing. Memes grab the attention of their intended audience due to the familiarity of the image or topic. There are a variety of memes, this gives the title of “meme” a broad definition. It allows a message to be relayed, however leaves room for the message to change throughout time, similar to the game of “telephone.” However only the most effective memes will be noticed and reused. Memes stem from a variety of video spoofs, and well known films; this allows their audience to easily comprehend the content of the meme, it is currently relevant.
Due to the popularity of memes, they spread quickly. There are an exhaustive amount of mediums that have the ability to mass reproduce the information in a meme. However, memes are created and intended for a specific crowd, though they provide an aspect of inclusivity, they are also exclusive. For instance, a meme directed towards veganism may be entertaining to the general ...

... middle of paper ... the line tagged “that’d be great.” As a result, someone may view the meme and understand that the creator of the meme disagrees with comparing Black civil rights and gay civil rights. Memes typically are upfront, however unless they are intended for a specific audience, background information may be needed. Due to the popularity of memes, one may be able to understand the picture behind the meme without ever knowing the source. This gives a universal understanding of the meme, such as the “one does not simply” there may be a few people who do know that that scene is from Lord of the Rings, however they understand that “one does not simply.” There is a seriousness involved however depending upon the text written on the picture, the way it is interpreted may appear as humorous or serious. Thus providing a pathos appeal to the audience, both intended and unintended.

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