Essay on Medical Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Information Center

Essay on Medical Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Information Center

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According to the National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center , 2015, almost a quarter of the United States population admitted to using prescription drugs outside the scope it was prescribed. In addition, almost half the ER visits were related to presciption drug use. Ultimately, treatment for Adderall addiction is more psychological in nature. The symptoms and side effects of addiction to Aphetamines takes an enormous toll on a person’s mood and character. Often times, people who abuse this drug have to do more character rebuilding and work on surviving without stimulants. Treatment centers offer residential and outpatient care. The most effective treatment plan depends on the lenght of time a person abused the drug. The typical person addicted can recover from use through outpatient treatment. On the other hand, a person who have taken large dosage of the drug for an extended period of time may need at least a 28 day inpatient plan. Most treatment plans place great emphasis on detoxification and behavioral treatment.
Adderall addicts require detoxification first and foremost. The most standard method of
detoxification is to “ween” a person of the medication. By slowly lowering the dosage over time under medical supervision, extreme onsets of withdrawal can be avoided. This process can be adjusted based on individual needs. If a person has adverse withdrawal symptoms due to their drug tolerance level, the dosage and be slightly raised, lowered and monitored throughout. Instances of detoxification should be performed under stellar medical care, thus progressing a person to the next component of care.
Behavioral therapy helps the person addicted cope with daily tasks and social settings.
After detoxification ...

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...reatment to avoid relaspe.
According to Narconon, nd, seven out of ten case graduates find lasting recovering after they
go home. This is an impressive statistic for one rehabilation treatment facility. Consequently, the triggers and availability of the substance is “around every corner.” Adderall is the most prescribed stimulant in the U.S. according to Drug Addiction Treatment, 2013. It is also favored by practioners and patients alike. This makes it available and widely prescribed. Often times, people return to use for the following reasons: lack of sleep, performance stress, fustration with the difficulty managing life without it, overconfident in their abilities to resist re-addiction, and depression offset by it’s euphoric effects. Overall, the main reason the person used the substance to begin is the biggest factor that can influence relapse.

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