Meat - The Next Generation Of Food Essay

Meat - The Next Generation Of Food Essay

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Meat - The Next Generation of Food
Humans throughout history and even dating up to today have relied on meat consumption for the simplest daily activities and bodily functions. In fact, Harvard University anthropology professor and researcher claims, “The story of evolution is one that is intimately tied to meat." From the earliest stages of life, people relied on meat to get energy, which allowed them “to become physically, anatomically, human” (R. Wrangham). Humans evolved so that meat has basically become an essential in every day life. However, with such a huge growing population, feeding the world has become a big problem in and of itself. In order to maintain a population of millions many resources are needed and used every day. Each year, more and more resources are becoming scarce for the never-ending need for food. “We’re emptying the oceans, turning the rainforest into ranches, and raising animals factory-style to satisfy our appetites”(NextNature). As the human race continues to rapidly increase to close to 9 billion, there needs to be an alternative to the resources we are using to acquire food, especially meat. There has been an abundance of research on what the next step is to creating a more sustainable food source. Since animals are being exhausted and there is more production of meat than reproduction of animals, scientists have turned to the petri dishes and have started producing in-vitro meat, which could be the stepping-stone towards a more sustainable society in the future. In-vitro meat is going to be a transformative solution that will work to combat the problems of food production and food scarcity worldwide due to the rapidly increasing population that is going to shock our society around 2050 if precaut...

... middle of paper ... its massive population and continue to in the future as well. There are other innovations and alternatives on the way in the future as well, including entomophagy, which is the practice of eating insects. Scientists see this as a viable alternative as well because insects are full of protein and would evidently take up way less space than the cattle does already. Although this is additional idea to solve the food crisis, many people are more squeamish about eating animals than eating cultured meat. Therefore, in-vitro meat will definitely become more popular to the general public once people are truly aware of the toll food production is having on society. Even though cultured meat is many years from being commercialized, people should really start realizing what is happening to society and look towards an future that could include many new ambitious food options.

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