Marx And Marx 's Theory Of Modern Capitalism Essay

Marx And Marx 's Theory Of Modern Capitalism Essay

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Although there have been a lot of differences to both the work of Weber and Marx, Marx 's theory is similar to Weber 's in that, while he does not dedicate himself to the historical circumstances which have led to capitalism he does, like Weber, attempt to Understand and come to terms how modern capitalism has arisen from the capitalism which
Preceded it. Marx 's analysis of capitalism is extremely historical in nature. He debates the
Alienated state of modern man via an historical materialistic analysis, Theorizing that, throughout history, “Marx describes, for instance, the polarization of proletariat, bourgeoisie, and petty bourgeoisie into two distinct groups of workers and capitalists. Under a capitalistic system, the distinction between capitalist and land-rentier, like that between the tiller of the soil and the factory-worker, disappears and…the whole of society must fall into two classes – the property-owners and the property less workers." (The Marx-Engels Reader, 70) Thus, Marx, like Weber, contextualizes the origins of modern capitalism, delineating the historical process by which capitalism has manifested itself in its contemporary form.
When you see the difference between Marx and Weber, was when marx he defined as a class a category of men who (1) "have in common a specific causal component of their life chances in so far as (2) this component is represented exclusively by economic interests in the possession of goods and opportunities for income, and (3) it is represented under the conditions of the commodity or labor market." He was even fairly close to Marx 's view, though not necessarily to those of latter-day Marxists, when he stated that class position does not necessarily lead to class-determined economic ...

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...ked is on conflict theory. He believed that life is a competition for resources. Conflict shapes us. We want to get on top, we aren’t cooperating, we are forced to do so to survive. He was really into economics and said that that is what shapes us. There are only 2 classes- the ruling class and working class. Working class has false consciousness and serves the ruling believing in interests that don’t serve you. he came up w/ class consciousness, or knowing you 're oppressed.
Classical sociological theories are important not only historically, but also because they are living documents with contemporary relevance to both modern theorists and today 's social world. The work of classical thinkers continues to inspire modern sociologists in a variety of ways. Many contemporary thinkers seek to reinterpret the classics to apply them to the contemporary scene.
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