Essay on Marketing Analysis : Dove Brand

Essay on Marketing Analysis : Dove Brand

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Marketers assert to develop branding and packaging strategies that signify the brand’s products in a way that establishes lasting impressions in consumers’ thoughts. Because brands distinguish the many product offerings in the marketplace, brands help consumers choose between product offerings. When branding and packaging strategies clearly illustrate worthy product expectations, and products remain true to branding messages, positive consumer perceptions ensue, and brand value is strengthened.

While branding activity is a long-term exercise, it creates long-term value through obtaining customer loyalty (Boundless, 2015); and Dove brand has accomplished just that. Dove brand, owned by Unilever, offers hair and skin care products. In subsequent sections we apply examples of Dove brand to illustrate how branding and packaging strategies create value added equity.

Brands help consumers distinguish and segregate the many offerings. Tanner and Raymond (2014) explain that a brand differentiates the seller’s offerings from its competitors’ offerings, and is recognized by “a name, picture, design, or symbol, or combination of those items” (Tanner & Raymond, 2014, c.6). Marketers realize that unique recognition is important in today’s competitive environment. For Dove, when consumers walk through a store’s personal hygiene isle, they can clearly recognize the brand name Dove, along with its brand mark, the peace pigeon (dove) symbol. The brand acquires value when its offerings are consistently represented to create positive consumer perceptions.

Marketers go through the process of branding to create a sense of trust for consumers, so they know what to expect when purchasing the particular brands’ offerings. Tanner and Raymond...

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...e the products that these two brands represent might not be tremendously dissimilar, each brand strategy appeals to different target markets, and their messages influence emotional attachments based on each of their target market’s distinct values.

Marketers assert to develop branding and packaging strategies that signify the brand’s products in a way that establishes lasting impressions in consumers’ thoughts; and when branding activity provides brand distinction, it helps consumers choose between the multitudes of similar product offerings in today’s marketplace. Branding’s distinct and consistent messages form brand image, and is key to a product’s success. When branding and packaging strategies clearly illustrate worthy product expectations, and products remain true to branding messages, positive consumer perceptions ensue; generating value added brand equity.

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