The Management Of The Household And The Perils Of Trade Essay

The Management Of The Household And The Perils Of Trade Essay

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In his work “On the Management of the Household and the Perils of Trade”, Aristotle states that goods can be acquired in two ways: the natural form of acquisition, which obtains requisites provided by nature that are necessary for the household, and “the art of acquisition”, which he describes as the procurement of goods through retail trade (Aristotle, 126). In the natural form of acquisition, the goal is to accumulate “true wealth”, a supply of goods limited to what is useful to the household and sufficient for a content life in relation to the art of household management (Aristotle, 128). The art of household management is associated with natural acquisition and is concerned with the use of goods and not with the accretion of goods that do not serve a necessary purpose. Therefore, the function of natural acquisition is to provide the household with the materials needed to suffice, either through acquiring resources directly from nature or through bartering. Although there is no need for exchange within the household, the practice of bartering or the direct exchange of useful things for other comparable goods can be employed to naturally acquire necessities from the greater community. The purpose of the natural form of the art of acquisition is to procure property provided by nature in order to supply the necessary goods for the household to use, with no implications of money.
The other form of acquisition is to procure property not for its necessary use within the household, but as a means of profit gain through the exchange of currency, also known as the practice of retail trade. Aristotle argues that retail trade, which is the buying of goods from one party and selling those goods to another party at a profit, is not natur...

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...ocke believes that the use of money in exchange has allowed man to acquire more land than he can work, however, he acknowledges that mankind is able to divide land amongst them accordingly. Since man is governed by self-interest, he should be able to acquire property as long as there is no harm done in its acquisition. Taleqani focuses on the redistribution of private wealth through taxation, as money should not be centralized among a few people, and should ultimately aim to serve the community. The taxation of a man’s wealth after he has accrued a certain amount of property is meant to discourage the acquisitive nature of man of which Locke bases his argument for private property on. Taleqani argues that property that can be owned, needs to be under the control of Islamic authority in order to serve public welfare by granting owners special rights to use the land.

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