The Making and Use of Methamphetamine Essay

The Making and Use of Methamphetamine Essay

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The making and use of Methamphetamine is a serious danger to the health and safety of people and to our society. Meth is a highly addictive drug that has a high potential for abuse. Such popularity on this drug is based on the easy access to the ingredients used to make it. The drug is synthetic, and can be made anywhere from a kitchen to a camper trailer converted into labs. A high number of these meth labs end up being raided by the police or exploding from improper mixing. There’s little to no positive outcomes from using the drug, however; there is still a worldwide epidemic of addiction. Not only does the presence of meth increase drug abuse in our country, but also many other issues. Child endangerment can be pressed as one of the biggest issues, for children may live in these meth labs. However, meth does not fall into law enforcement’s hands, at least not normally. Raiding meth labs in homes and finding meth is sometimes difficult due to the Fourth Amendment. And although probable cause over rules this, how can law enforcement identify a meth lab?
Meth, short for Methamphetamine, is a synthetic stimulant that affects the central nervous system. It was created in 1919, and was used during World War II by both sides, but was known as Pervitin. Taking the drug produces super feelings along with a variety of adverse reactions, and was taken by the troops to keep them awake and alert. It was also given to Kamikaze pilots in high dosages before suicide missions. Users may see the drug as a pick-me-up at first, however it soon begins to destroy the body. In the 1950’s, the public could get prescriptions of methamphetamine to fight depression and use as a diet aid. This made the drug easy to get, and soon enough college student...

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...ison, such as ‘Nick’, or dead. There are many signs and indicators a person can see if another is under the influence of Meth, and knowing these signs could save a person’s life.
Although continuous meth use brutally destroys the heart and brain of an abuser, there are also physical effects that can be seen. One of the most visible signs of meth use is rapid weight loss. On average, a person can lose eight to ten pounds a month for several months in a row and according to Kate Lyons (2014), is the key factor why so many people take the drug (p. 1) The weight loss is due to meth confusing the body’s chemistry and making the user not feel hungry. Food is not the only thing a person using meth may neglect, but as well as their hygiene. Addicts are often careless about their appearance, and a person that was once well groomed could be mistakened for a homeless person.

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