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There was once a beautiful, young maiden who possessed prodigious magical skill. Though the Maiden’s kinsfolk died before she was able to talk or walk, she lived a fulsome life with many servants and gold in surplus, and she was highly commended by the townspeople in the kingdom below her manor.
As the Maiden grew from a bonny baby to a resplendent young woman she was worshiped by every man whose eyes beheld her, for she possessed flawless beauty, beyond that of most who walk the earth.
Though the Maiden appeared perfect and unflawed she was not as blessed in demeanour, for though she was a woman of bewitching beauty, inside she was also shallow, selfish and cruel.
Upon the Maidens coming of age, she was bombarded with favours from her numerous admirers; all of whom she shunned. For as beautiful as she was, the Maiden felt she could afford to be fastidious and pernickety in her choosing of a mate.
As men lined up before her she would shriek “Too fat, too thin, too poor, too posh! Remove these vile oafs from my sight! Is there no man within this kingdom worthy of my impeccable beauty and intellect?!” And as the years passed those closest to the Maiden began to wonder if such a man even existed at all.
Until one springtime morn, no sooner than the Maiden had all but given up hope that she would ever find a companion, a man entered the kingdom, who would change her life forever.
The Maiden was out for her daily walk, when a handsome knight pulled her from the path of a rogue carriage, saving her life. The Maiden fell for the Knight at first sight, convinced that she had finally found a man worthy of her love. But the Knight had heard about the Maiden’s cruelty, and he had no interest in courting her.
“Fair maiden. Your beauty ...

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...l traces of being left his now limp and lifeless body. The Maiden attempted to revive the Knight, but it was no use. She wept tears of despair and woe for she had been failed by her looks, magic and wealth.
The Maiden announced the Knights death to the people of the kingdom. Though she eschewed all condolences and attempts to soothe her. For she blamed herself for the Knights demise. As time passed, the Maiden’s grief did not diminish, it grew stronger until it consumed every ounce of her being. Until she could take no more.
The Maiden locked herself away and declared “Never again will a man fall prey to my beauty nor my ruthless ways!” Entombed in an impenetrable tower, the maiden lived out the remainder of her days alone.
When Death came for her, the Maiden went gladly. Happy that she would no longer feel the pain which her shallowness and vanity had procured.

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