Maggie Is An Insecure Girl Essay

Maggie Is An Insecure Girl Essay

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Maggie is an undeniably insecure girl. She lacks any self-confidence and is very quiet. She doesn’t speak her mind very much, and this is because of her insecurities. Maggie’s insecurities stem from her sister, Dee. Dee had many things that Maggie never had. Dee was beautiful and had an education, things Maggie had always wanted. Maggie lacks confidence because she lived in her sister’s shadow her entire life.
Dee was always very confident in herself. She knew she was blessed with many things like beauty and an education. She was aware that she had a good life. She had always gotten what she wanted; everything came easy for her. Maggie “thinks her sister has held life always in the palm of her hand, that “no” is a word the world never learned to say to her” (Walker 1). Things had never been so easy for Maggie. She didn’t have the beauty of her sister, nor the education. Maggie did not have much. Since she didn’t have much, she lacked a lot of confidence. She was very quiet and didn’t speak much. She didn’t speak to her sister, her sister’s husband, or even or mother. You could even tell her lack of confidence in the way she walked. “Chin in chest, eyes on ground, feet in shuffle” (Walker 1). This is not the walk a confident person would walk. Maggie never got much from life so she wasn’t expected to have much confidence. Dee always had more in life than Maggie had. Of course Maggie is going to be less confident than Dee because she is living in Dee’s shadow.
Dee was always such a beautiful girl. She was lighter skin than Maggie, and has nicer hair than Maggie. Maggie felt frustrated and jealous that her sister was so beautiful, and she was not as beautiful. Even though she was jealous, at the same time she adored her sister’s ...

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...gie knew that her life could never be as good as Dee’s in the future either. She remembers the past so clearly that seeing her sister in the present scares her. She does not know what to do with her sister around. Will her sister get back into her old ways? Will she say something that continues to make Maggie feels worse about herself? Maggie does not know what is going to happen so she is very cautious around her sister.
Maggie has lived in Dee’s shadow since they were little girls. Dee has an education and beauty. Maggie has neither of these things. Dee has always had confidence in herself and used it to tear down others. Maggie lacks any self-confidence because Dee always tore her down for not being as good as Dee. Maggie has never been as good as Dee and knows she never will be. Maggie will continue to live in the shadow of her sister for the rest of her life.

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