11-M: March 11, 2004 Madrid Train Bombings Essay

11-M: March 11, 2004 Madrid Train Bombings Essay

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11M: March 11, 2004 Madrid Train Bombings
The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States were felt worldwide. All countries feared seeing the tall Twin Towers and strong Pentagon being attacked by Islamist extremist members of Al-Qaeda. Although multiple countries prepared themselves to prevent an attack of such magnitude, Spain was not spared. In the morning of March 11, 2004 during rush hour, a series of 10 explosions in four locations occurred almost simultaneously in the mass transit rail system. This attack was performed by the Europe Al-Qaeda entity due to Spain’s involvement in the Iraq war, per a video release of an Al-Qaeda spokesman. This attack was the worst terrorist attack in Spain’s history, referred as Spain’s nine-eleven. This paper researches the gruesome attacks, the tactics employed by the terrorist, and the reaction by the Spanish and world governments.
Spain is located in the western peninsula of Europe. Their history is both long and prosperous, from rich monarchies and empires to now living peacefully amongst their European neighbors. It was this way until March 11, 2004, commonly known throughout Spain as 11-M. In the morning of 11-M, just three days before general elections, Madrid citizens and visitors got into the typical commuter trains during morning rush hour to reach their destinations. However, their day would not be a typical day. A series of 10 bombs exploded between 07:37 and 07:39 in three different stations and one high-circulated road.
According to the Spanish Newspaper “El Mundo”, the sequence of events are as follows: at Atocha station one explosion occurred at 07:37 and two more at 07:38; at El Pozo del Tío Station two explosions occurred at 07:38; at Santa Eugenia St...

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