Essay on Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses

Essay on Long-Term Care and the Shortage of Nurses

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This paper will review the many aspects of long-term care problems and many challenges there are within Long-Term care. We will look at rising costs within long-Term Care, patient abuse, will look at the quality of life, shortages of nurses and demand that the elderly are putting on the medical field. The type of care that Long-Term Care had been giving to its patients and the changes within Long-Term Care.
Historic Development and Current State of Health Care Delivery
There have been problems within Long-Term Care and many of these abuses were turned over to the patients, there was hardly any direction on how to handle Long-Term Care. “Poor houses and Almshouses and developed in response to an impoverished, aging, and mentally and physically disabled population who lacked informal caregivers.” (Sarah Thompson, 2008 ) When Long-Term Care was in the infancy stage of developing there were many problems, issues that were created because there was not much direction. In developing in taking care of the elderly there were poorly trained nurses, medical workers and many of them were not qualified to work within the medical field. There were problems, many issues and multiple levels of abuse because of poorly trained medical workers where there was no direction.
When long-Term Care services were developing many mistakes had been made on the way to develop Long Care Services. “Nursing homes evolved during the 20th century without any clear national policy or direction.” (Sarah Thompson, 2008 ) There was a lot of tragedy’s, mistakes, errors and abuse because there wasn’t any type of direction or nation policy. If there was some type of direction on how to run these services there might not be so many cases of ne...

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... have created a more detailed scope that the patients need to be take care of with the quality of care and Long-Term Care Services need to be transparent and will be held responsible for care that is not pursing the patients quality of life.


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