Living in a Modern Zoo Essay

Living in a Modern Zoo Essay

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The modern Zoo has been around for centuries the first zoo was established in 1748. Since then zoos have evolved immensely. Many standard zoos offer a variety of activities for visitors but little has been done to offer animals proper care, sufficient space and variety. Traditional zoo enclosures rarely match each animal’s natural environment especially for large animals, as everything is just too small and too condensed. Zoos must reinvest and revamp into the structures and organization of their facilities for the better of the animals and viewers. Across Canada there are over 100 zoos and wildlife collections. Humans have always had an interest to learn and study wild animals. Unfortunately, many zoos are only in it for profits. Nowadays the public is much more knowledgeable about the animals needs such as their emotionally and physical health. Many people want to see change. The health of the animals is being jeopardized. Traditional zoos in Canada should be banned because the animals’ welfare is negatively affected, they provide little education value and they do not serve as effective conservation practices.
The well being of animals are not well cared for in zoos. Some may argue that zoos attempt to accommodate the animals to the most natural environment possible. Despite some improvements many animals in traditional zoos still encounter health issues and stereotypical behaviours due to the small enclosures (See figure 1). The lack of room zoos encounter is insufficient and keeping animals isolated in a not so large area is detrimental to the health of the animals. “Studies have found that lions in zoos spend 48% of their time pacing and 40% of elephants performed stereotypic behaviours” (Sad eyes & empty lives). These anim...

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